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Tuesday, June 30, 2015
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WNYHeroes Grant Programs

Our grant programs are for WNY residents only. WNY is defined as anyone legally residing in any of the surrounding 8 counties. We have many veterans/ families who are referred to us through the Dept of Veterans Affairs, Vet Center, Veterans Court, Veterans Homeless Center, Erie County Veterans Office as well as the WNY Veterans Housing Coalition. WNYHeroes strives to make sure that our heroes are taken care of. All checks now are written to the landlord, utility company, Mortgage Company not to exceed the value of each program. The grants are renewable once every two years. These programs are NOT an entitlement program.

The grant money goes to help veterans/ families with rent, mortgage, utilities, food, holiday meals, medical bills, etc. WNYHeroes will not provide a grant for anything that is means not a necessity i.e. parking tickets, internet, cell phone, unless the cell phone is the only of communication. We also have our annual Christmas toy drive and Backpack drive. Medaille College, National Fuel is our biggest sponsor of those programs.

The program also has a four page application that must be completed listing all income, disability ratings, and size of family. If a grant is being requested for medical reasons (for example, veteran must move to FL due to weather related disabilities,) any and all medical documentation must be shown and signed by the physician.

Bridging Hearts - This grant gives a higher monetary value to the veteran or family in need. With this grant, it is used for combat veterans.

Grant A Wish - This grant program is for veterans across the board (non combat veterans) you still have to be a veteran who has served more than 180days not to include training. The monetary value is set at $250.00

Our programs are funded through donations and fundraising only. We are not state or federally funded. An investigator will review the grants to verify accuracy and truth to your request. There will also be a home visit by the investigator. Please see our Grant Guidelines for further information regarding such programs.

Grant Request Guidelines

Each applicant is required to meet the specific guidelines. WNY Heroes, Inc. offers our grants to veterans, active military and their immediate dependents in need. However, being a veteran or active military DOES NOT entitle you to receive these benefits without meeting the specific requirements stated in our guidelines.

  1. Applicants must reside in one of the eight counties of WNY for a minimum of one year.
  2. Applicants must submit all paperwork filled out completely, correctly, and include ALL required documentation. Incomplete applications will NOT be considered.
  3. The reason you are in need of this grant request must be included – see page 2 of the grant application.
  4. Must provide Member 4 copy of your DD-214 (Copy number can be found in the lower right hand corner.) If you do not have a copy, please visit this website at http://vetrecs.archives.gov.  Be advised that this process can take 7-10 days.
  5. In order to be considered for this grant, applicants must have served a minimum 180 days active duty; this does not include training.
  6. Applicants must have been “Honorably” discharged. “Under Honorable Conditions” will be considered on a case by case basis at the discretion of the WNY Heroes, Inc. Grant Committee.
  7. All grants are subject to pre-approval through investigation. If your information is incorrect or incomplete and WNY Heroes, Inc. has no way of contacting you via phone or home visit, your application will be discarded. Please make sure all information is correct. We are NOT case managers and it is not the duty of our committee to chase down those who apply to fill in missing information. If your application is not filled out completely and correctly, it will NOT be reviewed.
  8. If an applicant is receiving VA compensation and/or SSD, SNAP or any other benefits, copies of the award letters showing % and monthly amount must be submitted. If this is not done, but found out during our investigation, WNY Heroes, Inc. will look at this as failure to be honest and automatically deny request. Receiving these benefits will not negatively influence our decision. However, we work in conjunction with other funding veteran organizations. You must disclose if you are receiving financial assistance from any other organization on part B of your application.
  9. Grant approvals are made on a case by case basis. If in our pre-approval investigation, it is found that one veteran is in considerably more financial distress than another, that veteran/family will take precedence.
  10. All other factors being equal, grants are awarded first to those with families; WNY Heroes, Inc. defines a family as veteran, spouse and/or child(ren) or veteran’s widow(er) and/or children.
  11. WNY Heroes, Inc. gives preference to grant requests where the greatest need is demonstrated AND grant payments will only be made directly to a utility company, landlord, mortgage company, etc., on behalf of the veteran.  Applicants who submit copies of past due bills (mortgage, rent, gas, electric, water) in the name of veteran (or spouse), with matching accurate account numbers, and current address, will be given priority.
  12. WNY Heroes, Inc. offers assistance with everyday life essential needs. WNY Heroes, Inc. will NOT pay for the following:
    1. Car payments, Car Insurance or any auto repairs
    2. Television, Cable or Internet service
    3. Legal fees, Traffic Tickets, Child support payments
    4. Cell phones – unless this is your only phone
    5. Education bills, these are covered through Post 911 bill, Vocational Rehab or GI bill
    6. We assist with heating bills, but will not cover purchase or repair of furnaces
  13.   Additional general guidelines are as follows:
    1. Grants are reviewed on Wednesdays and approved on Fridays, providing applicant supplies all necessary documentation and meets all required guidelines. NO EXCEPTIONS. WNY Heroes, Inc. is donation driven. If funds are available, grants will be satisfied. WNY Heroes, Inc. is NOT state or federally funded.
    2. WNY Heroes, Inc. reserves the right to deny grants if guidelines are not met.
    3. WNY Heroes, Inc. is not an entitlement program.
    4. All grants applicants must state in detail the reason they are applying for and in need of grant.
    5. If grant request is satisfied, veterans are not eligible to re-apply for two (2) years.
    6. If grant request is denied, veterans are not eligible to re-apply for 6 months.
    7. Must submit copy of Military I.D, VA card, Driver’s License or other type of photo ID.
    8. WNY Heroes, Inc. requires documentation in the name of the veteran (or spouse) to prove delinquency in mortgage, or utilities. If requesting assistance with rent, WNY Heroes, Inc. requires a letter from landlord proving delinquency.
    9. Please utilize the checklist provided in this grant request. This will assure your request is looked at and considered expeditiously.
    10. Once your application is complete, please fill out the additional applications we have, if applicable. These include our “Adopt-a-Veteran-Family” program which assists our veteran families with children during the holiday season with gifts. This can be a stressful time for our veteran’s and if WNY Heroes, Inc. can help ease their burden, we will do so.  We also encourage you to fill out our Volunteer application. WNY Heroes, Inc. does not require repayment of any grants. However, we are donation and volunteer driven and if you could give some of your time, not only would WNY Heroes, Inc. greatly appreciate it, but you will also be helping your fellow veterans still in need.

Grant Application Process

Individuals that meet the above grant guidelines may submit a grant application form to WNY Heroes, Inc., by completing the grant application form and submitting it to the organization via fax, email, mail or in person. The WNY Heroes, Inc. Grant Committee of the Board of Directors reviews the grant applications and makes the final decisions regarding funding applications. Applicants will receive a written notification or phone call by the organization regarding funding. All applicants are subject to review and background investigation. Grant Committee meets each week on Wednesdays. Determinations/Approvals are made on Fridays Applications are reviewed weekly on Wednesdays, and decided upon on Fridays, providing applicant supplies all necessary documentation and meets all required guidelines.

Grant Request Form

Please fill out the Grant Request Form the best of your knowledge and send it to WNY Heroes, 2809 Wehrle Drive, Suite #8, Williamsville, NY 14221. We will have someone from WNYHeroes.org contact you shortly to discuss how we might be able to assist you.

Click here to download the Grant Request Form.


Click here to download guidelines and application form.

Other Applications & Forms

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Holiday Adopt-A-Veteran-Family Program (Toy/Gift Drive) - PDF
Pawsitive for Heroes - PDF

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, download our Volunteer application and email to: Heroes@wnyheroes.org or fax to: 716-630-5023 or mail to: WNY Heroes, Inc. 2809 Wehrle Drive, Suite 8, Williamsville, NY 14221 OR contact us today at 716-630-5020.